Hubert Nowak

SALZBURG  City of Culture
Haus Publishing, London, 2020

Part of the Armchair Traveller series
Updated and revised English edition of Lesereise Salzburg (2016)
translated by Peter Lewis


ISBN: 978-1-9099-6168-5
140 pages, Hardback
£ 12,99

Situated in the shadow of the Eastern Alps, Salzburg is known for its majestic baroque architecture, music, cathedrals, gardens. The city grew in power and wealth as the seat of prince-bishops, found international fame as the birthplace of the beloved composer Mozart, and expanded to become a global destination for travel as a festival city.

With all its stunning sights and rich history, Salzburg has become Austria's second most visited city, drawing visitors from around the world. Hubert Nowak sets out to reveal the lesser-known side to Salzburg, a small town with international renown. Leaving the famed festival district, he plunges into in the narrow facade-lined streets of the old quarter, creating

one of the most extensive accounts of the city published in English.

Through the stories of those who visited and lived in the city over the centuries, he gives the reader a fresh perspective and gives the old city new life.


Hubert Nowak, born in 1954, is an Austrian journalist and author.

For many years he was a journalist for domestic politics on radio and television and presenter of “Zeit im Bild”, the most important TV news program of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). Later he was director of the ORF Landesstudio in Salzburg. He is a keen observer of and commentator on the Austrian historical and current cultural and political scene.